Tuesday, August 12, 2014

August Beauty Box 5

Beauty Box 5 is another subscription box. It's $12 a month if you get a monthly subscription, but down to $8.25 a month if you get a yearly subscription. Every month they send you 5 products, the sample size is usually pretty good (they sometimes send full-size products) but there are more low-end products than Birchbox. That said, I usually find myself using most of what's in my Beauty Box 5 boxes.

Here's what I got this month:

Pur-lisse Sunscreen Sample - $16.50
I've enjoyed the pur-lisse products I've gotten in the past, so I'm betting I'll use this. Sunscreen is definitely something I'll use.

Novex Keratin Treatment - $1.50

I love hair treatments, so I'm excited about this. Keratin always does really well for my hair. This will be part of my spa weekend. 

LA Fresh Travel-lite wipes - $3.33
I hate buying wipes (I never feel like I can justify the price) but I also hate removing makeup without wipes so I'm  usually glad to get wipes in my subscriptions. That said, the Eco Beauty LA Fresh wipes that I tried broke me out, so I'll probably swap this.

Style Essentials Nail Polish - $1.75
I don't really wear nail polish, so I'll definitely swap this. It's a pretty color though. 

Nanacoco Lip Gloss - $3.99
I always love getting lip products, but this is suuuuuper bright.

The total value of my Beauty Box 5 was $27.07 and I'll use at least 2/5 of the items I received (maybe 3/5 if the wipes don't break me out or 4/5 if I can find something to tone the gloss down with.) Even if all I'd gotten was the sunscreen and the Keratin I would've been happy with the value of this box!