Sunday, August 31, 2014

August 2014 Loot Crate

I saw that August's loot crate theme was Heroes, so I decided to subscribe for the month and give it to Aiden as a Christmas present. The heroes included weren't at all what I expected, but I really like what was included. I was especially excited to see two Ninja Turtle items! I'll add pictures later on today, but wanted to at least get most of this review up soon.

If you haven't heard of Loot Crate, it's a subscription service that sends you nerd and gamer themed items every month. It's $13.37 + $6 shipping, so it comes out to about $20, they usually have a code for either a dollar amount off or a percent off though, so definitely keep an eye out for that. I got the heroes box for $17 with a $3 off coupon, and for September you can get the Galactic themed box for 10% off using the code Galactic. If you sign up based on my posts, please use my referral link here.

Here's what I got in the August box:
Leonardo Kidrobot Ooze Action Figure - $10
This is a pretty cute little action figure, and I know my son will love it. It came with the packaging open which would've bothered me if I was planning on keeping it in the packaging, but since it's a gift for my son it really didn't matter. I thought about emailing them anyway just to see how their cs is, but I decided against it.

Donatello Sunglasses - $9.99
I'm really excited to give these to Aiden. He loves the TMNT (a love that I'm definitely encouraging) and these are pretty adorable. I was hoping for Raphael but Aiden has recently decided that purple is his favorite color, so he'll be excited that he got Donatello.

Pop Vinyl Groot Exclusive Glow in the Dark version - $15-$25
I had a hard time finding a value for this because it doesn't seem like the Pop Vinyl figures are sold at any set price. I looked for this specific one, and it was being sold on ebay for $15+, or on amazon at $58+. I haven't decided whether or not I'm going to keep this, but if I do sell it, it'll pay for the whole box! It's a pretty neat little figure and it does glow well, so I'll decide whether or not to keep it after I actually see Guardians of the Galaxy (which I plan to do soon, it looks great!).

Shwings Lightning Bolts Silver - $7
I'm not sure how these'll look on Aiden's shoes (since the shoes are still relatively small and the wings are pretty big) but I think he'll be excited about them if they work. I'll probably wait until he grows out of his Captain America shoes to give him these, and by then maybe they'll work. It's definitely a cute idea, and I like that it can be moved from shoe to shoe (although I probably won't want to do the re-lacing required to actually move them.)

Sonic and Tails Air Freshener - $4
Aiden is really into Sonic, so he'll love this. He saw me looking up the price and started singing the Sonic the Hedgehog theme song.

Deadpool magnet - $1
I know nothing about Deadpool (it took a quick google search for me to figure out that that's what this was from) but I'm sure I can find someone who wants this, and if I can't, it'll go on the fridge to hang up more photos and Aiden's artwork

Loot Crate Pin - $0.50?
I love pins, so I'm definitely stealing this from Aiden.

The box also came with a card that had three download codes on it:

Defense Grid the Awakening on Steam - $9.99
This code gets you a download of the full game! I'm not really a gamer, but my husband will probably play it.

Doctor Who Legacy- bonus pack - 
"Unlocks 11 Doctors, Rose Tyler, Clara, and K-9"
The app is available on Android, Kindle, Facebook and the Apple App Store.
I have no idea how to value this, or the Gauntlet in-game helm.

Gauntlet Loot Crate Exclusive in-game helm - 
Mask of the Wyrm Slayer. My husband is excited about this. I'm not sure if it does anything, or if it just looks cool, but I'll update this post when it comes out and he's had a chance to try it.

Even if I choose the lowest value I've seen for the Groot figure, the total value of this box is $57.48 that's pretty awesome for a box that I paid $17 for. I'm loving Loot Crate so far, and can't wait to get September's box!

If you sign up after reading my posts, please use my referral link.