Saturday, January 18, 2014

Nomorerack Haul!

So, I love a good deal, and I love trying new things make-up wise. I've shopped at before for electronics and camera stuff, but this was my first time shopping for makeup there. I was pretty excited about it. Here's what I got:

The Bella Terra set is what I was most excited about (and was my main reason for buying anything). I'd wanted to try Bella Terra for a while, but the price tag kept me from doing so. I found a $30 set on nomorerack, so I figured now's the time to try. This is what came in the set:

Bella Terra Foundation Brush - $49.99
I love this brush! It's super soft, hasn't shed at all, and definitely applies powder evenly. 

Bella Terra Blush Brush - $39.00
Again, I love it. It's super soft and no shedding! 

Bella Terra Angled Shadow Brush - $16.99?
I couldn't find this exact brush online, but I'm really happy with it, and I'm guessing that price-wise it's comparable to their non-angled shadow brush.

 Mineral Shimmer in Seashell 2.35g - $14.09
I'm not usually a shimmer person but both of the shimmers that came in this set are GORGEOUS! The only thing I don't like is that you really have to use a primer. Otherwise they only last a couple of hours.

Mineral Shimmer in Sand - $14.09
Again, this is gorgeous! In the week since this arrived, I've been using both of these colors as my lid color when I do a brown smokey eye, and I really do love them. When I run out of these, I'll be repurchasing (despite the price).

Mineral Foundation in Latte 6gram value - $44.99
I tend to go back and forth on how I feel regarding powder foundations, but I'm liking this one so far. I doubt I'll find myself paying $50 for it when this runs out, but I'll definitely enjoy it until it does. I do wish it were more mattifying. It gets rid of most of the shine in most areas, but whenever I use it my forehead is still shinier than I want it to be.
Mineral Blush in Ambrosial Crush -$34.99
I don't usually like powder blush (especially loose powder) because I'm really uncoordinated and have trouble applying it. I don't know if it's the brush, or this blush, or both but I haven't really had problems with application. The color is great, and it lasts all day!
 Mineral Bronzer in Sensual - $26.24
I don't contour and can't see myself ever using sparkly bronzer. This is one item that I'm definitely going to be swapping. That's also why I left it sealed instead of opening it to get a better picture.

 Bella Terra Eye Primer 7.5gram value - $63.25
I haven't tried this yet, but for $63 it had better work. Holy moly! I can't imagine paying that much for eye primer. I'm excited to try it though. Maybe it'll make those shimmers last.

So, the Bella Terra set alone was worth $303.63, and I only paid $30 for it. I felt like it was an amazing deal before I did the math, and now I'm even more excited about it!

 Mariposa eye pencils, set of 40. I can't find a value for these anywhere, but I paid $10. I'll post swatches when I try them out. I bought these mostly because I love doing facepaint at school when we do holiday parties, but I find facepaint brushes difficult to use, and even more difficult to sanitize between children. Because of that, I always use eye liner pencils, so I figured it was worth giving these a try!

 NYX Winter in Moscow Palette
Honestly, this palette wasn't a better deal here than it would've been anywhere else, Nyx palettes are just generally reasonably priced. I bought it from nomorerack because I had a $10 off a $60 purchase coupon, so I figured that I might as well buy this here. I recently got one of the Love In Paris palettes as a prize from an Ipsy contest, and I love it, so I wanted to give another NYX palette a try.
 I added these because they were only a few dollars, and I needed something to bump my order up to $60. I tried them all out, and with the exception of the orangish color I'm actually pretty happy with them. The purple is suuuuper sheer (it took three coats to get it to go on opaque) but it wasn't streaky at all. I'll probably only keep the pink, purple and blue, but for $4 I'm okay with that.
So, that was my first makeup order from I'm pretty excited about it!

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