Sunday, January 5, 2014

My third PINCHme order

If you haven't head of PINCHme, it's a word of mouth marketing program in which you can select up to three samples/items every two weeks to receive for free. After you receive them you take a survey about them. Different items are available to different people (which bums me out a little bit), but they usually have several options, so I've always found at least a couple of products that I wanted to try.

Here's what I got in my third PINCHme order:

I was disappointed that once again, the Wild Ophelia chocolate wasn't one of my available samples, but excited to try the Clean & Clear Morning Burst Hydrating Gel Moisturizer (which I actually thought was a cleanser when I saw the sample listed, apparently I didn't read it carefully enough), the Suave Skin Solutions Smoothing Lotion and Puffs Ultra Soft & Strong.

Puffs Ultra Soft & Strong
Of the three, the only one I liked was the Puffs. The packaging is cute, the size is convenient, and Puffs are among the best of the tissue brands (I like Kleenex a lot too). I've got Spring allergies, and will probably buy a pack of these before Spring hits to keep in my purse. 

Clean & Clear Gel Moisturizer
I have really breakout prone skin and not many things work well for me so it wasn't a huge surprise when this made me break out. It also felt gross on my skin. I have really oily skin, so I don't know if it would've felt better for someone with dry or normal skin, but this definitely wasn't for me.

Suave Solutions Smoothing Lotion
I really like a lot of Suave products and I love cocoa butter and shea butter, but I'm not a fan of this. I'm a preschool teacher, so I wash my hands a lot and they're always dry. I tried this lotion on my hands and it burned. It's not something I'm likely to use again. 

I'm glad I got to try all of these products for free. I like the Puffs, and I wouldn't been really disappointed if I'd bought the Suave or the Clean & Clear since I didn't like them. It's nice being able to try things first. 

If you're going to sign up for PINCHme, I'd do it soon. They do new samples every other Tuesday, so they'll have some this Tuesday. I'm pretty excited to see what they'll have!

Other Word of Mouth Marketing Companies
If you like PINCHme and want to try some other word of mouth marketing companies, here are a few I've been participating in.
In BzzAgent, you complete surveys and are active on social media in order to gain access to campaigns. Once you accept a campaign, you get the product(s) either free or at a discounted price, and then talk/tweet/blog about them. In the two months I've been doing BzzAgent, I've qualified for two campaigns: Cottonelle and the Schick HydroCare Sensitive Razor. 
Influenster is really similar to BzzAgent, except that in addition to item specific campaigns you can qualify for Themed VoxBoxes, which are full of all sorts of interesting items. Influenster also gives you credit for on site reviews that you write, as well as social media and blogs. In the two months I've been involved, I haven't qualified for a VoxBox yet, but I'll be getting a Venus Embrace Sensitive Razor. 
Smiley360 seems to be basically like BzzAgent and Influenster. I just joined a couple of weeks ago, but I'll be getting a sample of Centrum FlavorBurst Chewable Vitamins (is it weird that I'm a grownup and still like chewables?)  

Here are some contests I'm entered in now: (wish me luck, and enter yourself if you feel like it)

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