Monday, January 6, 2014

Em Cosmetics Swatches and reviews

A few weeks ago, Em had a Buy One Get One Deal and a $50 off a $100 purchase deal that overlapped for a day. Since that meant I could get products for 75% off, I went a little crazy. This is what I ended up buying:

Here's an item by item breakdown of what I got:

I got two of Michelle Phan's Life Palettes. 
Career Life

Love Life

Love Me For Me (in Shell 09)
I don't have a powder foundation that I like, so I figured if I could get two for the price of half of one, it was definitely worth it.

Lash Gallery - Dramatic Volume Mascara in black 

Lash Gallery - Lengthening Mascara in black

Lip Gallery - Creamy Color Classic Lipstick in Don't Tell Mom

Lip Gallery - Creamy Color Classic Lipstick in Cuddle Up Pink

Pillow Plush in Strawberry

Pillow Plush in Bubblegum

Arched - Defining Brow Liner in Medium Brown

The Everything CC in light-medium

I also got two free empty palettes (that you can fill with shadows, glosses and blushes from either of the life palettes.)

I swatched all of the blushes, lip colors, and shadows from the palettes. 
The first color (from the left) is always the blush, the next two are lip colors, and the rest are for eyes. 
Here are the swatches from the Love Life Palette:

Look 1: Warm Fuzzies. 
The colors shown here (from left to right are): rose macaron, cuddling, melon, warm blanket, teal rain, springtime, puppies & kittens, sungold and bunnies. 
All of these were pretty pigmented (though bunnies is pretty much my skin tone, so it still doesn't show up) and they go on smoothly. I can't see using sungold for anything as it doesn't go well with my skintone, but I really like everything else in this palette. My daily looks won't use much of it (except for melon, which I didn't think I'd like but I actually really love it), but I'll find uses for most of these colors. 

Without Flash

With Flash

This is look 2: The Real Me
The colors: the real me, exposed nude, wow pink, original sin, mocha fix, beige faith, nude truth, honest shell, vulnerable 
Again, the colors are very pigmented, the only one I had any trouble with was nude truth. It's a really pretty color but I had trouble making it apply evenly. 
With Flash

 Without Flash

Look 3: Girl Time
The colors: softly pink, black cherry, daredevil, wine & dine, neverending night, passion blue, pink coral, sparkle blue, twinkle twinkle
This was the look that made me buy this palette. Looking online I loved these colors, and seeing them in real life I'm not disappointed. 

Without Flash

With Flash

Look 4: All Yours
The colors: pink whisper, sweetie pie, plum passion, black moonlight, subconscious, all yours, sky illusion, pale pink, gold fantasy
I really love gold fantasy and black moonlight. It's hard to tell in the photo but black moonlight has a little bit of sparkle to it and will make a gorgeous liner! I'm pretty excited about it!

Without Flash

With Flash

Career Life Palette:
Look 1: Power Stuff
The colors (from left to right): rose to the top, bold statement, power suit, black pumps, pinstripe, pencil skirt, silk blouse, sheer ambition, string of pearls.
When I saw these palettes online, I thought this would be one of my favorite looks, but I was actually a little underwhelmed. The blues didn't come out nearly as blue as they look in the palette, and these seemed less pigmented than the colors in the other palette.

With Flash

Without Flash

Look 2: girl in charge
The colors: girl in charge, posh, chic, corporate card, corner office, seriously!, madison ave, conference call, pink inc.
I liked these colors a lot, and they'll definitely make a really wearable look. I'm going to have to reshoot the photos of this though. I didn't realize that my skin was still so red until I uploaded the photo. 

Without Flash

With Flash

Look 3: out to lunch
The colors: out to lunch, nine to five, dynamic, meet me in the lobby, espresso bean, olive, running late, inbox: full, tgif.
These are my favorite colors on this palette. I especially love espresso bean, olive, and running late. I can't wait to use these! They're all really pigmented and are soooo gorgeous! I'm not usually that into metallics but there's something about these that I love.

With Flash

Without Flash

Look 4: natural talent
The colors: polished, vip girl, dressed up, 32nd floor, on the grind, nude rose, take a break, natural talent, paperwork.
I like these, and I think they'll get a lot of use but I'm not as excited about these as the last set. Still, they're nice colors and they'll go well together. 

With Flash:

Without Flash:

I haven't had a chance to try everything, but here's what I've tried and what I thought about it. 

The CC Cream and powder are both fine, they aren't anything special but they do what they are  supposed to do. 

The Pillow Plush Lip Balms I LOVE! Next time Em has a sale, I might pick up a few more. I love the texture and they're pretty long lasting (for a lip balm). 

The lip sticks aren't my favorite. They aren't moisturizing at all, and I feel like they accentuate the lines and any dry spots I have on my lips (which is definitely a problem this time of year). I actually liked the lip colors in the palettes better than her lip sticks. 

I really like the brow pencil. That said, it's the first I've ever used so I really don't have anything to compare it to. I always liked my brows and never really saw a reason to use a brow pencil until recently when I was watching one of TheBethanyFae's videos on youtube and saw how much filling in your brows really brings a look together. I'm glad I tried it though, because I definitely feel like my makeup as a whole looks better when I fill in my brows. 

Anyway, let me know what you think. What Em products have you tried, and which products did you like?

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