Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ipsy Sneak Peeks - April 2014

Sneak Peek #1 - It looks like all subscribers will be getting this in their bag. 
"Bring out the velvet ropes and bust out your makeup melody for this awesome rock star product in your Glam Bag this month!"
It looks like we'll be getting an Urban Decay 24/7 Black Velvet Eyeliner.

Based on their description, I'm guessing the theme of this month's bag will be rock star. I'm hoping that doesn't mean that we'll all get fake lashes. 

Sneak Peek #2 - All subscribers will be receiving one of the following:

The first item is a Cailyn Lip Tint, in what looks to be Mauve.

The second item is a Mary Kay At Play Jelly Lip Gloss in either Violet Vixen, or Berry Me. 

The Third item is a Starlooks Lip Liner, it looks most like Sweet Spice to me. 

The fourth item is another Cailyn Lip Tint, in Velvet Rose.

Sneak Peek #3: All subscribers will receive one of the following.

The first product in the sneak peek is City Color's White Gold Shadow and Highlight Mousse. I really liked the City Color blush in February's bag, so I'm hoping this'll be good too. It doesn't look like it comes in other colors, so I guess subscribers who get this will be getting it in white.  

The second product in the sneak peek is Rainbow Honey nail polish in Midnight Fountain.

The last item in the sneak peek is Elizabeth Mott's Pop! Goes the Shadow in Champagne. This comes in three different colors, so I wonder which ones they'll be sending out.

Sneak Peek #4: All subscribers will get one of the following

The first item in this sneak peek is Benefit's Lollitint! I really hope I get this! I love Benetint, and haven't tried Lollitint yet.  

The second item is dr. brandt's microdermabrasion, which is amazing. It's one of my favorite skincare products, it works really well and smells great! I love it!

The third item is St. Tropez Gradual Tan Anti-Aging. I really hope I don't get this, but I'm sure I can swap it if I do. 

The third item is Cover FX, Mattifying Primer. I've never tried this, but I would love to!!!

As always, if you sign up for Ipsy after reading my blog, please use my link. I can earn goodies if you do!

Sneak Peek #5: All subscribers will be getting one of the following:

The first item in the preview is Big Sexy Hair Mini Root Pump. I'm hoping that I won't get this since I assume it isn't intended for long, thick, curly hair. 

The second item is a pair of Kiss Lashes. I'm hoping I won't get these, but if I do I'll just donate them. Someone pointed out that hospitals sometimes give them to cancer patients with hair loss. 

The third item is the St. Tropez Multi-Action face lotion again. 

The fourth item is another set of lashes, from the brand Such a Tease. I'm not good at guessing what kind of lashes people have on, but I'm guessing Puppy Love?

The fifth item is Demeter roll-on fragrance in Jasmine. Most perfume's give me a headache, but Demeter tends to be really popular, so at least I'll be able to swap if I do get this. 

The last item is a Coastal Scents brush. This is the one I'm hoping it is, but based on the handle it looks like it could be any of the shadow brushes. 

So far this is looking like a great bag! Pretty much everyone loves Urban Decay, and I'd love to get another Cailyn Lip Tint. 

Sneak Peek #6: Our bag!!

Let me know what you think of this month's bag, and what would be in your perfect bag!

If you sign up for Ipsy after reading my blog, I'd appreciate it if you use my link to sign up.