Sunday, November 24, 2013


So, I'm a free stuff addict. Sometimes, when I have free time I just google free samples and start signing up for random free samples. I recently heard about PinchME which seems like a word of mouth marketing company kind of like bzzagent. Right away, they allow you to sign up for two items to have shipped to you free of charge. Right now, there's not much available, but when I signed up I was able to get the Pantene Keratin Repair Shampoo and split end fuser, and the Rimmel London Mascara. They say the items update every two weeks, so they should be updating within the next few days. I'm excited to see what will be available!
I haven't tried the Keratin Repair shampoo or Split end fuser, but I really like the mascara! I've had clumping problems some of the times I've used it but overall it's been great. The one downside I noticed is that it's REALLY hard to remove. I wanted to take photos of my lashes with no mascara, and then my lashes with this mascara and the two other mascara's I've gotten recently. Unfortunately, not only did I discover that it's more difficult than I anticipated to take four photos of your own eyelashes from the same angle, but I also couldn't get the Rimmel mascara off completely (even after I managed to wipe it all off my lashes were darker than usual) which would normally be a good thing, but wasn't a good thing for this. When I find a friend to come over to be either my eyes or my photographer, I'll put the Rimmel on last. I'm excited to try the Keratin Repair (though I don't plan to wash my hair again until Friday, so it'll be a few days) and I'll probably post about it when I do. 

Has anyone else tried PinchME? What items did you get, and how did you like it?